Mimosa Silk Tree

Mimosa/Silk Tree

Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) also called silk tree, is a fast-growing deciduous tree native to China, Japan, India, and Iran. It is tolerant to many environments and soil types, making it highly versatile. Mimosa escaped cultivation and has spread into woodlands and disturbed areas across the Eastern United States and is spreading west. It reproduces rapidly from both vegetative shoots and a large number of seeds, forming dense stands that shade out native species.

Native Alternatives

Northern Catalpa Tree

(Catalpa speciosa)

Bigleaf Magnolia

(Magnolia macrophylla)

Southern Magnolia

(Magnolia grandiflora)


(Sassafras albidum)

Sumacs (Rhus spp.)

Winged (R. copallina)

Smooth (R. glabra)

Staghorn (R. typhina)

American Hophornbeam

(Ostrya virginiana)