Bush Honeysuckles

Bush Honeysuckle

There are many species of non-native bush honeysuckles that have become invasive including Amur (Lonicera maackii), Showy (Lonicera bella), Marrow’s (Lonicera marrowii), Tartarian (Lonicera tatarica), and the hybrid Bell’s (Lonicera morrowii x tatarica). These species are able to cross-pollinate with one another, which allows them to escape cultivation and create many offspring. Honeysuckles have many small seeds that are spread by birds into natural areas where they become invasive. Non-native bush honeysuckle plants spread rapidly and out-compete native understory plants. For this reason, non-native bush honeysuckles should not be planted and existing plants in landscaping should be removed. The sale of non-native bush honeysuckles is banned in some states.

Native Alternatives


(Lindera benzoin)

Dogwood Shrubs

Silky dogwood (Cornus amomum)

Gray dogwood (Cornus racemosa)


(Ilex verticillata)

Allegheny Serviceberry

(Amelanchier lavis)