Common Periwinkle

Common Periwinkle

Common periwinkle (Vinca minor) is a perennial, evergreen herb native to Europe and Africa. It was introduced as a medicinal herb and as an ornamental ground cover that escaped cultivation and has become invasive in the wild. Once established, common periwinkle forms a dense carpet that prevents native plants from growing. It can spread rapidly thanks to its arching stolons, which root at the tips. Common periwinkle has invaded the understory of the Northeastern forests, but it grows even more aggressively in the south. Common periwinkle endangers forest ecosystems and should be avoided in landscaping.

Native Alternatives

Wild Geranium

(Geranium maculatum)

Downy Skullcap

(Scutellaria incana)

Common Blue Violet

(Viola soraria)

Wild Blue Phlox

(Phlox divaricata)